Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Destiny: Troubles with Hunter

I've hit a wall. Not an insurmountable one, but one that is frustrating nonetheless. My Warlock, who I'm still enjoying playing the most is doing wonderfully, having just reached level twenty three. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the armour he's currently got, but he does have a few legendary weapons that make all the difference. 

My Titan is chugging along nicely. It's his turn for an outing tonight. Currently on level twenty two, I'm hoping to get him up a level or two tonight. 

But my Hunter... She's been stuck on level twenty for a while now. I'm not finding any legendary gear and I don't seem to be getting anywhere with leveling up with the various factions enough to buy and legendary gear. I've just purchased a Future War Cult cloak and I'm going to stick with that for a while to see where it gets me. I don't seem to get many Vanguard or Crucible marks with her either. I did actually quit out of a couple of missions last night because they were simply too hard. I was never going to finish them. They were level twenty missions but she was having none of it. The only reason I can think why she isn't performing as well as the others is that I made quite a late decision on changing her sub class, so she's relatively low in the progression tree at the moment. Maybe a grinding session on the lower levels is necessary to bolster her skill set before she's up to scratch like the others. 

In general the game is performing just like it always has. Every time I get a little bored, I get a new weapon or unlock a new game type and the game pulls me back in. I've bought Alien: Isolation today, but I'm giving it to my wife to give me for Christmas. This is a rare occurrence for me as I usually want to play everything as soon as it comes out. But Destiny has me hooked. I don't need anything else right now.

Are you finding one class more difficult than the others?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Destiny: Progression

Every time I get a little bit bored with Destiny, it throws something back at me to say "Hey, we're not done yet!" And it's always right. I now have two legendary characters, both at level twenty one. Each with at least two items of legendary gear. My Titan is gaining experience for the New Monarchy. I'm planning on the Warlock working for Dead Orbit and my Exo Hunter to work for the Future War Cult.

Human Titan, level 21.

I'm enjoying all the new things I can do now such as daily and weekly challenges and Strike playlists, heroic levels and the Queen's Emissary's bounties. I'm gaining levels in the Crucible and with the Vanguards. I've got a few Motes of Light and a few Strange Coins. It's all working to keep me going, keep me wanting more.

Awoken Warlock, level 21.

The social aspects are still making me smile. The odd salute here, the someone dancing over there... It's really sweet. The other day I tried a heroic Strike. Realized it was the Nexus mission and it was set to two levels above my character. I thought I'd never get through it on my own so I invited a couple of randoms who were also playing the same mission, to my Fireteam. People seem to be ready to join randoms so they can complete levels. It's great fun. We never got past the first bit with the three Servitors, but it was still fun trying. 

I'm now just starting to get messages from Clanmates (DadsOfDestiny) to form a Strike Team to take on the Raid. I'm so not ready for that, but it proves that this is hands down the most social and community based game I've ever played. It's lovely.

Exo Hunter, level 17.

Tonight it's the turn of my Hunter to try and "become legend". Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Star Wars: Commander

I started playing this the day it came out. I think it was last week. I love a bit of button pushing to keep me occupied on my phone or tablet. I've got a few games I regularly check every day and I'm constantly on the look out for new ones. I generally go with big franchises when it comes to Android games because, let's face it, the games themselves really aren't that good. It's just the familiarity that keeps me coming back for more. As a big fan of everything Star Wars, it was a no-brainer to try Star Wars: Commander out to see if it would make my small stable of regular, quick-check games. 

It calls itself a RTS, but there is very little strategy to it. When you attack, you simply plonk all your men down and watch them blow everything up, gaining you three stars every time. When you defend you just watch your turrets take care on the attackers and gain three stars every time. This is not very rewarding at all. There are also major film characters available to use right from the start of the game but cannot be used to attack with.

Epic battles... Really?!

This game is much more of a City Builder than a RTS and when it comes to City Builders, there's a lot better on offer such as The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff or Dragons: Rise of Berk. All of which are very simple but ultimately satisfying as you care about the characters you're playing with. You'd think this would be the same for a Star Wars game. I really don't know how they've got it so wrong. Well Darth Vader's voice is pretty terrible actually. That's one thing. But I simply do not care about anything that happens in the game. Saying that, if this wasn't a Star Wars game, it would have lasted less than a day with me. As it is, I've been tapping away now for a few days. I think I'm hoping, desperately hoping, that this isn't yet another rubbish Star Wars game. 

What have been your biggest franchise disappointments?

Monday, 22 September 2014


I've had Destiny since the 10th of September and have played every evening without fail so far. I have three characters, one of each class and race which I alternate playing daily. I'm doing this to make the game last longer. I'm sure if I'd spent all this time just on one character, he'd be a total badass by now, but I'm happy with the variety.

Level 17, Awoken Warlock

Level 13, Exo Hunter

Level 17, Human Titian

I think so far I've enjoyed playing the Warlock the most. I've just chosen the Sunsinger subclass and it seems pretty powerful. I mainly use a Hand Cannon with him, just because it looks cool. I've got a few bits of blue gear with all my characters now and have a couple of levels with the Cryptarch and the Vanguards. I'm really starting to enjoy it as I can see how the game is evolving and constantly teasing the rewards that are to come. I'm pretty much finished the story with all three characters but I can see plenty more scope in the gameplay. 

I can really see the enhancements in my characters too. The first time I attempted the Strike mission on the Moon, I thought I'd never be able to finish it. Since then I've completed it another three times, each time finding a  little easier than the last. I'm looking forward to trying the Strike playlists when I reach level eighteen.

I'm not a big fan of FPSs or MMORPGs so it's a minor miracle that I'm enjoying this so much. It's such a great pick up and play game. Great for dads like me. I can just jump on for fifteen minutes when I've got the chance, to rack up some quick XP points. Like I said, I'm not a big social gamer. But there have been some genuine moments of fun in this game that have brought a beaming smile to my face and these have all been player led. 

My Hunter gets her groove on.

What's your best Destiny social interaction so far?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Name, The Blog

This was me.

Every time my little brother walked passed the room I was in, playing Super Mario Brothers on the SNES or Jetpack on our first PC, he'd ask "Are you dead yet?" knowing that when I died, it would be his turn. He learned to use it as a tool to get his own way, sneaking up behind me and surprising me with the question. It simplified over time to become "Dead yet?" and this phrase became synonymous with our gaming life. Still in use today, we will both automatically ask the question every time we see each other playing a game.

I'm pretty much alone in my group of friends in my interest in gaming. I wanted a place to talk about it and to boast my achievements to people who understand what I have been through to reach them. I have written many blogs over the years, earning myself the moniker of BloggyDave and so here is my latest effort.

I mainly play on the PS4 and my various Android devices these days although I do have a pretty decent gaming PC and I still have a PS3 to finish off a few stragglers from the last generation. I'm not a brilliant word smith, so I won't be writing full reviews with fully formed opinions. Instead I prefer the ongoing review style of writing something up once you've experienced it.

I'm not one to have definitive lists but rather I tend to have an ever evolving idea of what's good and bad depending on the context, but to give you an idea of the type of games I play and enjoy here is a list of my top five favourite games of the last generation, in no particular order.

Fallout 3
Red Dead Redemption
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Grand Theft Auto V

I'm currently playing Destiny and am looking forward to getting Assassin's Creed: Unity, Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4, LittleBigPlanet 3, LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham and Alien: Isolation.

I will most likely start posting very soon about Destiny and some casual Android games that I'm playing at the moment. Please feel free to join in the conversation. To get you started, what are your favourite games on the PS3?