Monday, 22 September 2014


I've had Destiny since the 10th of September and have played every evening without fail so far. I have three characters, one of each class and race which I alternate playing daily. I'm doing this to make the game last longer. I'm sure if I'd spent all this time just on one character, he'd be a total badass by now, but I'm happy with the variety.

Level 17, Awoken Warlock

Level 13, Exo Hunter

Level 17, Human Titian

I think so far I've enjoyed playing the Warlock the most. I've just chosen the Sunsinger subclass and it seems pretty powerful. I mainly use a Hand Cannon with him, just because it looks cool. I've got a few bits of blue gear with all my characters now and have a couple of levels with the Cryptarch and the Vanguards. I'm really starting to enjoy it as I can see how the game is evolving and constantly teasing the rewards that are to come. I'm pretty much finished the story with all three characters but I can see plenty more scope in the gameplay. 

I can really see the enhancements in my characters too. The first time I attempted the Strike mission on the Moon, I thought I'd never be able to finish it. Since then I've completed it another three times, each time finding a  little easier than the last. I'm looking forward to trying the Strike playlists when I reach level eighteen.

I'm not a big fan of FPSs or MMORPGs so it's a minor miracle that I'm enjoying this so much. It's such a great pick up and play game. Great for dads like me. I can just jump on for fifteen minutes when I've got the chance, to rack up some quick XP points. Like I said, I'm not a big social gamer. But there have been some genuine moments of fun in this game that have brought a beaming smile to my face and these have all been player led. 

My Hunter gets her groove on.

What's your best Destiny social interaction so far?

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