Monday, 29 September 2014

Destiny: Progression

Every time I get a little bit bored with Destiny, it throws something back at me to say "Hey, we're not done yet!" And it's always right. I now have two legendary characters, both at level twenty one. Each with at least two items of legendary gear. My Titan is gaining experience for the New Monarchy. I'm planning on the Warlock working for Dead Orbit and my Exo Hunter to work for the Future War Cult.

Human Titan, level 21.

I'm enjoying all the new things I can do now such as daily and weekly challenges and Strike playlists, heroic levels and the Queen's Emissary's bounties. I'm gaining levels in the Crucible and with the Vanguards. I've got a few Motes of Light and a few Strange Coins. It's all working to keep me going, keep me wanting more.

Awoken Warlock, level 21.

The social aspects are still making me smile. The odd salute here, the someone dancing over there... It's really sweet. The other day I tried a heroic Strike. Realized it was the Nexus mission and it was set to two levels above my character. I thought I'd never get through it on my own so I invited a couple of randoms who were also playing the same mission, to my Fireteam. People seem to be ready to join randoms so they can complete levels. It's great fun. We never got past the first bit with the three Servitors, but it was still fun trying. 

I'm now just starting to get messages from Clanmates (DadsOfDestiny) to form a Strike Team to take on the Raid. I'm so not ready for that, but it proves that this is hands down the most social and community based game I've ever played. It's lovely.

Exo Hunter, level 17.

Tonight it's the turn of my Hunter to try and "become legend". Wish me luck.

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