Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Destiny Diaries - Year 2, Week 3

It's amazing how much Destiny keeps surprising me. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. Every time I think I'm about to go off it, something else pops up to keep me hooked. This week, it wasn't even anything in the game itself.

I've always read about the community that surrounds Destiny. Fireteams and Clans of online friends, regularly meeting up to do Raids and Nightfalls. I've dabbled in adding random people online and joining up with them to do some story missions or a strike. People have taken pity on me and offered to do Raids with me. But I've always felt that I want to go through these things with a regular team of friends, so that we can all start off from the same checkpoint together that we all helped in getting to in the first place. I've been stuborn in my quest and the stubbornness has finally paid off thanks to sheer luck.

A friend mentioned Destiny to someone in work and it turns out that him and some friends play online sometimes and have recruited another couple of people to try and form a raid team, but were still looking for a sixth regular member as some others didn't work out. So my friend recommends me, introduces us online and Bob is your uncle. As they say.

Over the past week I've met up with my new clan mates, only about three times. But I have found what I knew was always out there. It's so much fun! It hardly makes a bit of difference to the actual gameplay. I'm sure it will when it come to the Raid as I know communication can be key. But I've being playing the game for over a year so I know ever strike backwards by now. We haven't played much crucible that requires communication yet, but I'm sure it'll help being in a tight group when we do. But the guys themselves are such a laugh. Totally my type of people. My sense of humour. I'm yet to open up too much to them, but that's just shy, retiring and socially awkward me. I've spent most of our three sessions so far in tears, laughing. It's great. It is definitely a bonus to have some guys help you take down an Ultra on a difficult strike, but it makes it feel so much easier just having a joke and a laugh whilst doing it. Who cares if die ten times in the same mission, if you're having fun?!

Tonight we're going to test ourselves as we take on our first Raid. As I've never done a Raid before, we're going to start off with the Vault Of Glass. I honestly can't wait. If it's anything like the Heists in Grand Theft Auto Online, then I already know I'm going to enjoy it. I will hopefully be streaming the whole thing. So if you have been following me and are interested or if you want to see someone doing their first Raid, which is a novelty these days OR if you just want to have a laugh with me and my clan mates, then please click the link at the top of the page for YouTube Gaming and join us. I will post links on Facebook and Twitter when we're about to go live.

Oh and if that wasn't enough for you? Our clan is based on the Power Rangers.

by BloggyDave

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