Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Destiny Diaries - Year 2, Week 4

I did a raid! I honestly never thought this would happen. As it was my first raid, we thought we should start with the Vault of Glass. As I've done a couple of story missions in the Vault of Glass already, the first few steps were pretty easy. With the guidance of the others I made it through the rest. The problem wasn't really any of our skill level or communication, although that could do with some clearing up and I can now see why it is important to have close knit raiding group. The kind I was waiting for. Rather than just join with a group of randoms. No, the only issue that we really had, is that we were having way too much fun!

I can't believe we made it through to be honest. We were laughing so hard. I was crying at one point. Hardcore raiders would HATE raiding with us. We didn't take it seriously at all! If you want a real laugh, check out the end of the jumping puzzle at around 1 hour, 46 minutes in. Yes it's bulling. Yes it's childish. Yes is was bloody hysterical! 
At around midnight on the first night, we were getting a little tired and a little fed up of Atheon, so we called it a night. We met up the following night to complete it. A little over three hours in all. Not anywhere near as long as I thought it'd be. My rewards were terrible. A shader and some ascendant energy. But honestly, the cheesiest sentence has just come to mind... The experience was a reward on its own. My clan are just the best and I'm proud to be a Palace Ranger! 

I believe we are going to start the Crota raid tonight. I'm looking forward to that a lot. And then on to King's Fall. I don't believe that any of the group has done King's Fall before. I hope they don't watch too many videos before hand so we can actually work out what to do together.
In other Destiny news, I'm ploughing through the quests with all three of my characters and exotic engrams have been dropping like rain in the Strike playlists. This week actually saw my first ever exotic engram drop in the strike that immediately followed the raid in the second video. And after that, they just kept coming. As a result all three of my characters are now light level 284. I just need some more exotic weapons now. I might save up some Legendary Marks and buy some year two upgrades from the blueprints.

by BloggyDave

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