Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Destiny Diaries: April Update Review

I went in to this with little or no expectation. I had been giving Destiny a break to play Far Cry Primal and catching up with some oldies. So I was ready to come back. The first day with the update was an utter disappointment. I'm an all round Destiny player. I like the PvE as much as the PvP. So I jumped straight in to the new PvE content seeing as Bungie had been bigging this up for PvE fans who were complaining that there had no new PvE content for quite a while now. One mission. That's what we got. One new mission that lasted a couple of minutes in an old part of the Dreadnought. One collecting resources section and then a very short and very easy new strike in an old part of the Dreadnought. The whole thing realistically probably took one person a week to put together. Pathetic.

I thought I was done, but my old team perked up their interest and I managed to prise them away from The Division for long enough to give the Challenge of Elders a go. Now this is more like it. It's strange. Everything I say I like about games in general, is the complete opposite of what Destiny multiplayer is. And yet I love it. Challenge of Elder is just about my level of difficulty. The recommended light level for the final of the three bosses which are on weekly rotation, is 330. I was playing with a 306 character and so found it suitably challenging yet perfectly doable with a bit of persistence. I've run it four times now and got some great loot. Nothing near 335, but then I'm now only 310 and I think you get drops that are related to your current light level. But I think Challenge of Elders is my new favourite activity.

Sterling treasure. Quite frankly, who cares? I was worried to begin with when I heard that it would be available to buy with real money from Eververse. But that quickly faded as I found it was all crap. I don't give a damn about Chroma. I think all the new armour looks boring. I much prefer going down the old timey RPG style armour route. I don't want my armour to have under lights like a rude boy's Astra. The only thing I'm interested in is the Taken armour set, so I will still be opening my Sterling treasure in the hope that I will complete the set and get the free Taken jitter emote.

I've yet to fully explore the Court of Oryx tweaks and Strike playlist, but all in all, I'm impressed. It's a small free update that's worth playing. Worth coming back to Destiny for if you've been away for a while. It's not going to keep your interest for very long, certainly not until the next big update drops in September. I just wish Bungie would stop throwing the PR kitchen sink at things that really don't warrant it. Tell it like it is. This is a nice little stop gap.

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  1. I am not a fan of this game. I played it one time and I was bored. But I have a friend who loves it. Totally depends on the interest