Thursday, 12 May 2016

Destiny: Crota's End Raid, Solo Flawless Guide

A few elite players have managed to solo Crota's End raid flawlessly (not dying once). My friend Phil has now done it too and he's put together a comprehensive guide on his YouTube channel to help you do it too.

Crota's End Raid, Solo Flawless Guide
by Phil Parsons

Obtaining the Platinum trophy for Destiny isn't easy.  The vast majority of the trophies are obtainable by putting in the in-game hours, but one, Flawless Raider, has been out of reach for most players.  It requires that a whole fire team (of up to six players) complete a raid from start to finish without anyone dying.  In addition, players cannot join or leave mid raid.  All players must join together and complete the raid together without any deaths.

However, one raid is now possible to complete as a single player.  This raid is Crota's End.  Not only is this possible to complete alone, it's possible to complete it without dying as an average skilled player.  I know, because I am such a player and I've done it!

In order to encourage and help others to do the same, I've put together a video guide that breaks the raid down into 6 parts with tips on how to get through as a solo player.  The guide uses a Titan with the Defender subclass, but it should be simple enough to modify it for other characters using the same principles.

Part 1: Setting up the subclass, weapon and armour choices.  Building the bridge and the descent into the Hellmouth.

Part 2: Navigating the lamp maze and the wall jumping cheese.

Part 3: Crossing the bridge cheese.

Part 4: The Shrieker run hallway.

Part 5: The Deathsinger.

Part 6: Bringing down Crota.

Phil regularly streams Destiny on his YouTube channel. Go check him out there and subscribe. You also find Phil on PSN: Hereinmyownskin

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