Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Destiny Diaries: Year 2, Week 35

I'm back on Destiny in a big way. I had a long break to play Far Cry Primal and didn't really go back until the April Update. All of the other Rangers (our clan) have now come back too and it's beginning to feel like old time. After two years of bugging my younger brother to get the game, he finally caved and I have been playing A Tale Of Two Guardians with him. The first two sessions of which we streamed.

This week I'll mostly be trying to get my brother to a high enough level so that we can complete our first Raid together with our newest member. We're going for Vault Of Glass, hard mode and quite a few of us will be using secondary characters. All my characters are nearly light level 320 now, so I will probably go for one of them that needs to kill Atheon for a quest.

We'll of course be streaming our Raid attempt as it will most likely be hilariously pathetic. You can find it at the usual place on Thursday the 19th of May at around 9:30pm BST.

I'm glad to be back on Destiny, but despite the new found enthusiasm of my brother and clan mates, I know for me that it is only a stop gap before No Man's Sky comes out (and the next Battlefront DLC). So I hope to get a solid six weeks of Destiny in now before other distractions take over.

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  1. Its the best feeling ever to compete with your siblings in the game you love!! Hope no man's sky comes out soon I'd love to see you guys streaming that soon!! but most importantly don't forget to have fun!