Tuesday, 28 June 2016

E3 2016: My picks for 2016

So E3 2016 is done and dusted. I posted all the biggest headlines to our Facebook page and all the info is on a convenient YouTube playlist what I made. There's way too much to go through in one post, so this is the first of three I currently have planned, going over my picks from this years biggest video game show.

So we'll start things off with this year. Many of the announcements were for awesome looking games that were far from complete or launching "next year" (we've heard that one before). But what about 2016? What does the rest of my gaming year look like? Well I'm glad you asked as I just so happen to have prepared a list for this very occasion.

LEGO: Star Wars The Force Awakens

I'm surprised this made an appearance at E3 at all seeing it is out in a couple of weeks. I went through a phase of playing all the LEGO games. Eventually they made too many for me to afford and I only bought one or two in the last few years. But I'm a massive Star Wars fan and so was always going to buy this one. The promise of canon, unique to the game is big selling point. Plus it seems like it's not just The Force Awakens era content. There seems to be a lot included. Another load of stuff is paid DLC which I will not be partaking in. But hey ho. I'm looking forward to playing this one with my six year old daughter who is a budding Star Wars fan herself.

No Man's Sky

Not actually at E3 but coming out in August unless there are any more delays. Sean Murray the head designer is keeping fans updated and is telling everyone that the game is benefiting from this extra time, they've got one chance to get this out and they want to make it the best it can be. I'm totally ok with this and can't wait to explore an entire universe and create my story as I go. Keep an eye out of this site and on my YouTube channel for many, many videos.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

My love/meh relationship with Destiny continues in September. I played solidly for two month after the April update and then got bored again. I will most likely not pick it up much from now until Rise of Iron comes out. At which point I will probably play nothing else for a good long while again. I'm part of a fantastic clan that I love coming back to every time there's new Destiny content.

Battlefield 1

At about the time we're getting bored with Destiny again me and my Destiny clan and my family clan will all be getting Battlefield 1. It's basically gonna be the same as Star Wars Battlefront but in World War One. With bi-planes instead of x-wings and tanks instead of AT-STs. I'm looking forward to huge battles with loads of friends all shouting in silly accents.

Titanfall 2

Having never owned an Xbox, I never played Titanfall. Never paid in an ounce of attention. Since playing one of the Mech Warrior games which came as freeware on one of my first ever PCs, I've looked for a game that would re-create those feelings in a mech game. I love the look of this game. The graphics are stunning, the mech and weapon designs look fantastic. Apparently the original game was famed for it's freedom of movement when your pilot is out of his or her mech. This looks like another step up from what I've seen. I love the idea of the contrast of fast paced free movement and then jumping in a mech and be heavy and cumbersome but with incredible fire power. Also there is an intriguing looking single player campaign which gives the mech themselves strong personalities and explores the relationship between pilot and mech. 

The Last Guardian

I've been waiting for this game for about ten years. I've gone past the point of ridiculously high expectations, which I think is a good thing. I now think, I'm going to be happy with whatever the game ends up being. If it's anything like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, then I'm going to be happy. My parents brought Ico home one day. Never heard of it, not even on my radar. Wow what a beautiful game, what a captivating story and characters. Shadow of Colossus followed it up with the incredible sensation of being utterly depressed that you had to kill these beautiful and majestic creatures across a sumptuous landscape, to save the one you love. To my eyes, The Last Guardian seems to be a mix of the two, leaning slightly more towards Ico. I can't think of anything better.

Watchdogs 2

More and more amazing games get released every year. I've been trying my best to thin out some franchises that I regularly buy in to. I was initially impressed with Watchdogs but got bored of the story in the end. The main character didn't excite me and I didn't really care about his reasons for hacking everything in Chicago. When I heard there was a sequel on the way, I was ready to let it go and not to bother. Then I saw the trailer. Everything I didn't like about the original game has been removed and replaced with a fresher, more youthful and funky look and feel. Hack everything in San Fran with a kid who's just fighting against the system, partly for the good of society and partly just for fun. It's definitely learned a few lessons from Grand Theft Auto and I'm definitely getting Watchdogs 2.

South Park: Fractured But Whole

I pretty much wet myself laughing every time I watch South Park. I was so impressed that they'd managed to get the same level of comedy and the same feeling in the first game. The animation was incredible. It just felt like you were watching an episode of the TV show. It didn't look like a game at all and yet it played as one the best RPGs I've ever played. What a combination. It was a big surprise. The theme this time round has changed from the Lord of the Rings style fantasy of before to a take on the DC and Marvel cinematic universes. Also they've worked on the combat system to introduce a grid based movement system to make it more like the X-Com combat system. There guys really know what they're doing. Super heroes in South Park? I'm there.

This is definitely not all that caught my eye at this years E3 and I've got a couple more articles to come. But these are the games I'm definitely getting this year, in fact I've already pre-ordered them all. What did you think of E3? What are your definite buys for the rest of the year? I'd love to hear from you.

by David "BloggyDave" Roberts


  1. Disappointed to not see Rime there this year.

  2. Yeah, haven't really heard much about that lately. I guess being so similar to The Last Guardian, maybe they didn't wanna get lost.

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