Monday, 4 July 2016

My Hearthstone Adventure

'Twas nearly four moons ago when a young, buck toothed adventurer set off on his hearthstone expedition.

After hearing whispers of a certain Master Batstone, he packed up a rucksack, eager to seek him out.

Later on that dusky eve he has found master Batstone hanging out, this upbeat scamp mentioned to Master Batstone how he would like to be like him, a hearthstone master.

Batstone simply shrugged, stamped out his cigarette and walked off, but as he walked past he saw something in this kid, a sort of je ne sais quoi.

Batstone spoke only eight words before he rode off into the night sky - "Get past the tutorial, then we will talk."

Then the young adventurer set off, eager to please, ready to learn.

He has arrived at the Hearthstone tutorial, an easy place to navigate.

An extremely helpful tool, the tutorial guided him through battles that taught him about spells, advances and defense. It was a way in. A way in the student needed.

However after having his hand held for six battles, it was time his hand was let go. Thus he was sprung, into the world of hearthstone....alone.

He had one goal - defeat master Batstone.

This is where it set in - a fear this adventurer had heard so much about. A fear he had never experienced - gamer fear.

This cocky young chap thought the tutorial was it. He would pick a hero, rock up to the arena and destroy everything in his path, oh how wrong he was.

He got battered. Cards he couldn't even summon with his imagination were played. He was smashed, left battered on the arena floor - bruised and broken. If only the tutorial had prepared him for this!

So the adventurer plodded back to his dwellings. He promised to not touch hearthstone again until he had studied everything meticulously. He would not lose another battle in such a humiliating way again.

He found this easy. The beauty of this game is that is as satisfying to read about, plan and build decks as it was to play. This is where the young man excelled. Watching battles, reading passages from the Book of Icy Veins. He was in his element.

He returned to hearthstone ready for battle. Aware of his surroundings. Aware of the cards in hands. It was like card counting at a Vegas casino. It was adrenaline pumping, rip roaring, good old fashioned card combat. And man alive was this kid hooked.

He made it, he started to win. He became noticed. The master had enough. The student was summoned to the masters quarters, the master sat, the carriage clock ticking behind him, quietly reading a passage of Dickens.

He looked up and flung his strongest priest deck onto the table.

The onlookers were concerned, but the student was not.

They battled long into the Euro 2016 clash between Poland and Portugal and when all was said and done, the student emerged victorious. The Master had crumbled in defeat and it was accompanied with appropriate excuses.

From this day on the student has thrived, grown. He is now the master. But a new challenger awaits, someone by the name of 'BloggyDave'.


Cons: Tutorial doesn't prepare you. Gamer fear evident. Need to do more reading and building than playing in the early stages.

Pros: Addictive. Engaging enough to read about it, build and craft and so nullifies the con. Satisfying to win. Appreciative to lose (the opponent is clearly better).

When everything comes together and your deck overwhelms an opponent's, there is quite frankly nothing like it.

Overall score 9/10.

by Luke Edward Carroll