Thursday, 11 August 2016

ATSOS - 116223.8

I've been trying the last few nights to pick up that signal I heard the other night on my brother's old CB radio. I was about to give up, when I heard not one, but a string of messages that continued over a five hour period last night. I was so excited to hear it again. Here's what I heard.


Pilot log, stardate 116223 point... something... I think. I have no idea where I am or how I got here... Or who I am... I just woke up at a crash site. There's a broken ship near by and debris all around. There's a strange mass inside one of the pods on the ground. I'm going to investigate.


What... the Hell... was that?! This... thing just floated up out of the pod and I was like in a trance or something. It felt... familiar. Comforting. Atlas. But it left me with overwhelming desire to leave this planet and continue my journey to... where?

Well I better get to work fixing my ship if I'm ever going to leave this place. Might take a while seeing as I'm all alon- argh!

[Robotic Voice] Toxic protection falling.

What the Hell was that?! My suit is... talking. Ok so maybe I'm not that alone. She's nice. Sounds familiar. Sound like Gl... Glad... Glado... GLADO... THAT'S IT! I shall called her Gladys. Hi Gladys. Thanks for the warning. Wow Gladys has a lot of information on this planet. Including the fact that it's currently raining a highly alkaline substance which is damaging my suit and equipment. I better get to work.

[End Of Message]

A few minutes later, I heard this.


Pilot log, stardate 116223.8. Gladys has confirmed the date and time. As I was scouring the area around my crash site, I discovered some other abilities my suit has. I have a jetpack. How cool is that?! I also have a mining device that has various scanners attached. It can locate nearby points of interest and can analyse flora, fauna and minerals. Doing so seemed to award me units from some unknown source. Was I an explorer? A botanist? Whatever I was, I seem to retain at least a passing interest in biology, botany and geology so I have decided to continue to catalogue and name everything I see. It could come in useful. I've also decided to call this planet Elysium after some vaguely remembered fairy tale in the back of my mind.

[End Of Message]

Another few minutes go by...


Pilot log, supplemental. The ship damage is fairly minor. The casing on the launch thruster was slightly damaged from the crash but thankfully I seem to remember how to mould carite. So after about thirty minutes I was able to lift off from the planet's surface. It turns out, I'm not such a good pilot. It must have been me piloting the ship though right? I mean, there was no one else with me when I woke.

I decided not to venture too far as I wasn't sure how my patchwork on the thrusters would hold up. It wasn't long before something caught my eye and I landed to investigate. I've no idea what it was doing out here in the open on some strange planet, on its own, but there seemed to be a computer terminal floating next to a few cargo boxes and a waypoint marker. As I drew near, it began to glow and the screen burst to life showing a series of statistic. My statistics. My name. Dangerous Doug.

I remember. My name is Doug Caine. They called me "Dangerous" Doug. I can't remember why... maybe my flying skills? Remembering my name did not however kick start any other memories. Why does this computer know me? It seems to be a trade network of some kind. Is that who I work for? Rather than exploring, was I searching out rare materials to trade? Does this have anything to do with the Atlas? No... the Atlas is something... Bigger. I know that much.

I continued my search and nearly lost my ship a couple of times with some truly awful landings, despite the ship having land assist features... I ended up in a place Gladys called The Wumani. It seemed to be a trading post. Ships were coming and going regularly from the single landing pad outside. I landed a short walk away and made my way over.

I am not alone out here. I met several people from an alien race called the Vy'keen... at least that's what I thought at first. It turns out I don't speak Vy'Keen. But I worked out eventually that they were all from slightly different races. I think. Who can tell. Aliens, amirite? I guess they must be part of some kind of collective. They all spoke the same language, I could tell that much. I tried traded with a couple of pilots, but the language barrier got in the way, so I headed inside. There a rather large Vy'Keen scared the crap out of me by shouting at me and grabbing my gun. I recognized one word he said. "Interloper". He said it a lot. Was he talking about me? Why call me that? How do I know that word? Anyway, he eventually let me go after I gave him some spare materials from my pack. Bully.

 I'm heading back out now to see what else I can find on this planet. Hopefully some more clues as to who the Hell I am... That would be nice. I'll check in again later.

[End Of Message]

Half an hour goes by before I hear his voice again.


Pilot log, supplemental. Night is falling. I've finally scrounged enough material to fix the pulse drive on my ship. This should allow me to reach the other planets of this system. I've seen them dangling there in the evening sky and now I should be able to reach them. Do they hold any more answers than this planet? Well there's one way to find out. Here we go...

[Loud noises like a jet engine]

Ooh! I made it. Can't believe I'm not dead... I'm in space. SPACE! Yeah! I count... three planets and... two moons orbiting the largest planet. This is a pretty busy system. There's ships warping in and out all the time. So much traffic. I'm setting coordinates for the largest planet. Elysium I. Engaging... Now!

[End Of Message]

It's another long while before I hear from him again.


Pilot log, supplemental. I've spent a good while exploring this sector and cataloguing an amazing array of life as I go. I ended up at the system's space station, a trading hub I think. There a Vy'Keen shouted at me in what seems to be their customary way and ended up giving me a new mining weapon which was a vast improvement on my own. I guess he thought mine wasn't up to scratch?

I soon picked up a signal coming from Elysium II. It led me to an outpost where a Vy'Keen greeted me as if he... she? was expecting me. It gave a slate to look at and I was amazed that I could read it. It was in my language! Not only that, but it contained a blueprint for a hyperdrive. Did my ship originally have a hyperdrive? Was it damaged beyond all recognition in the crash? Maybe it was stollen whilst I was out cold. Or am I from this sector of space? Whatever the answer, someone knows I'm here and want's me to leave.

I wasn't yet comfortable with though of someone else dictating my actions so I explored some more of the system. The other planet and the two moons. But this only threw up more questions. On my travels I found amazing monument scattered about the system. As I drew near they would activate and somehow imbue me with information of what seemed to be a Vy'Keen religion. One particularly large monolith made me hallucinate with it's powerful energy. So much so that I felt pain even when I snapped out of it.

Eventually I came to yet another outpost and was presented with another message in my own tongue. This time signed from Nada and Polo. Their names mean nothing to, but the information in the message included the recipe with which to fuel the hyperdrive. What with the cryptic way this information was given to me. Why so convoluted? 

Regardless, I feel that I have learned as much as I can from the Elysium system and have set my sights on my closest neighbour to test out my newly fashioned hyperdrive. Course set. Engage.

[End Of Message]

Surprisingly, only a few minutes later and he was back.


Pilot log, stardate 116223.9. I arrived at the next star system which I called Muir and headed straight for the space station. There I met a new race of mechanical people called the Korvax. Without knowing any of their strange language, I had no luck in communicating with them. As I left the station, I picked up a signal coming from Muir I.

I arrived at the source of the signal to see some kind of industrial building, guarded by floating robots. The signal was coming from inside, but the door was locked. The burning desire for answers took over and I blasted the door open angering the Sentinals. After a brief exchange of laser fire, they gave up the chase and left me alone. Inside the building I found schematics enabling the creation of anti-matter. This will speed up my ability to jump from system to system.

Now here's where things get really strange. As I left the atmosphere of Muir II I was chased down by pirates who were after my cargo. I had a few rare metals back there and it would certainly make a good pay day for them if they could get their hands on it. Did I mention that I'm not a good pilot? I'm really not. There was nothing I could do. I sought to outrun them in the planet's atmosphere and head back down...

Black. Nothingness. And then... I awake again on the Muir station, inside my ship. My ship... My ship was destroyed. I know it was. I felt the heat and the pain. I died. I'm sure of it. And yet there I was, whole again. Alive.

I could not let go of the feeling that I was not imagining any of this. I headed straight back to my last know coordinates and there... floating in space, in orbit around Muir II was the cargo I was carrying when the pirates shot me down. I was so scared. But what was there to do? I'm alone out here. Despite other races going about their business like there's nothing wrong. I'm alone. There's no one like me, who has gone through what I've gone through. No one can help me. I've only myself to rely on.

I'm now looking through my star charts to see where I should go next. What's that? There's a course layed in already. It's heading towards the galactic centre. Is that where I was heading? Is that where my answers lie? It'll take me years to get there in my current ship. I need to find another way, another ship. The next system is only a few lightyears away. It's time to burn up anti-matter for another jump. Wish me luck.

[End of Message]

That one was a bit chilling. "Wish me luck" as if he was speaking directly to me. Does he even know that someone is listening to his transmissions? I do wish him luck. Again his "jump" only took a short while.


I'm in large system. many planets. Vy'Keen here. I'm on my way to a signal I picked up. Coming in to Osiris I now. The signal is coming from that monument. It's different to the one's I've seen in Elysium and Muir. More familiar... Landing... Now. That was a smoother touch down. I think I'm getting the hang of this now.

It's like the stone is calling to me. That sounds stupid. I never knew what people meant when they said that. But I guess this is it. It's like a warm blanket. I think it's- argh!

[A minute goes by]

Fell into a trance again, like the red blob on Elysium Prime. The Atlas. Telling me to... follow.

[End Of Message]

By this point it was getting late and I was about to pack it in when I heard one last transmission.


Pilot log, stardate 16224.0. I think I accidentally betrothed myself to a Vy'Keen. I'm not quite sure how it happened. I really need to learn more of their language. Suffice to say, i can never come back here. Osiris is a no go system for me. 

After briefly investigating a distress signal and finding nothing I decided to move on quickly. Was someone having me on or was I just too late? I think I'm starting to get a bit paranoid.

I used the last of my anti-matter to warp to the Hosnian System. I've found an abandoned factory on a small planet and am settling down for some rest. Hopefully Gladys will alert me if anything comes near. She's been good to me. The closest thing I have to company... well apart from that Hog Dog pup that followed me for a few miles a while back. I liked that Hog Dog. Wish I could have kept him. Not practical I guess. Well good night out there. Let's hope tomorrow brings some answers.

[End Of Message]

And that was it. I'll be tuning in again tonight after work. I can't believe what I'm hearing. It must be a recording or just someone having a laugh, surely? Right?



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