Friday, 12 August 2016

ATSOS - 116224.8

The message were less clear tonight. A lot of interference. But I think I managed to get most of it. Doug sounded hazy, almost dream like and yet with a new sense of purpose.


Pilot log, stardate 6224.8. What a day... I awoke unharmed and well rested in my shelter in the Hosnian System. I spent the next few hours routinely exploring and cataloguing nearby star systems. Much of this sector seems to be controlled by the Korvax. A scientifically minded race of artificial life forms. Their inelegance is boundless, far superior to my own.

On many of their planets there seems to be the same little shrines that are present on Vy'Keen worlds. However, instead of containing religious texts, the Korvax store ancient knowledge in them. One particularly interesting encounter taught me that the Korvax believe The Atlas to be a bringer of life. That once the galaxy was dead and that The Atlas brought about the great civilizations that once thrives in the outer rim of the galaxy. Now they are gone. There was also information about life forms known as Travelers. 

In recent Korvax encounters and now armed with a very small Korvax vocabulary, I've ascertained that the Korvax believe me to be a traveler. Whether it's the same Traveler as in the text I discovered, I don't know. My understanding of their complicated language doesn't stretch that far.

I have had one revelation though. Arriving at the Andorian system, I discovered an enormous un-maned, diamond shaped space station. As I approached the surface, doors opened to me and I flew in. Inside was huge and like nothing I'd seen before. The cavernous space was almost religious in it's grandeur and there in the middle, like a shrine was an enormous red entity. In constant flux and yet beating, almost like a heart. The same matter as I was carrying on my ship when I crashed back on Elysium Prime. I touched the interface below the red orb and it spoke to me. The Atlas. It knows me. It's knows who I am and what I'm meant to be doing. The sense of relief and elation was indescribable. I have a purpose in this vastness of a galaxy. I'm not alone. But I still need more answers.

For now, it's back to the search. I'm currently in orbit around Andoria I and Gladys and I have our work cut out for us. Five planets and one moon. Heading for...

[End Of Message]

That's all I could make out from his first message. The static took over and it was at least an hour before I heard from him again. I'm worried about him. Every time he talks about The Atlas, it's like he loses himself. The further he gets from the idea of The Atlas, the more "human" he seems. I don't know if that's just me humanizing the situation or what. I wish I could somehow let him know that there's someone listening to his story. But for all I know this has been traveling through space for thousands of years and he could be dead by now.


Pilot log, stardate 6224.9. I have some more answers. Finally. Whilst searching the Adipose system, I received a signal from an odd spherical ship. It seemed old. Very old. As I approached, doors opened to beckon me in. The ship was crewed by only two people. One a life form called a Gek and the other a Korvax. Their names, Nada and Polo. My mysterious benefactors. To my surprise, they both spoke in my language. How Polo managed to make the sounds I make with what is essentially a beak, I will never know, but the busy little fella shared his scientific data with me and told me to head back out and explore. 

Nada was something of an enigma. A Korvax. A race of scientists in pursuit of pure knowledge. He wore a cape and head regalia in fashion of a religious leader. He also offered me information in the way of a direction. It was my choice. To continue my original journey to the centre of the galaxy, to pursue The Atlas or to forge my own path through the endless galaxy. 

It seems, despite their help getting me back on my feet, their only wish for me is explore. But why me? What is their interest in me. Trying to get any other answers was impossible. They were extremely busy in their own mysterious pursuits.

My choice? The freedom to explore a galaxy might seem wondrous to some. But to wander, aimlessly amongst a hundred billion stars scared the crap out of me. It would certainly be interesting to return to my original course and find what I was heading for at the centre. But the burning desire for self exploration is my current goal and that is what I opted for. 

Nada has given me the coordinates for the next closest Atlas Station. Four jumps away, if I can gather the necessary fuel.

[Gladys chirps in] Toxic protection critical.

Ah crap. Thank you Gladys. I'm getting so distracted, I'm getting careless. I wonder how many more times I can die before it's permanent...

[End Of Message]

The transmission trailed off and that was the last I head from him last night. I hope he's okay. I hope he's made the right choice. I'll keep you posted.