Tuesday, 16 August 2016

ATSOS - 116228.8

Doug has been very quiet over the last few days. I've left the radio on in the background as much as I could, rushing to it if I heard any strange noise. But there was nothing. Then last night at the usual time, I finally heard him. His familiar voice, beginning his message in the usual way, but somehow different...


Pilot log, stardate 6228.8. Where to begin? I have left behind the slow and methodical approach of a scientist, scanning and cataloguing meticulously. I've even lost a lot of my wanderlust for what for me an entirely new galaxy. I could have kept all those thing. I could have kept my innocence. But curiosity it seems has prevailed.

I went in search of answers to who I was. What was my purpose? But instead I found new questions. Bigger questions. What is this galaxy? Who created it? Who destroyed it? Why has the truth been buried? 

[Strange Noise]

A strange noise then interrupted the message. It sounded man made and digital, like code. It also sounded really familiar. Then I realized that it sounded like the old dial up modems, sending and receiving data as it connected to the internet. At the time, I thought nothing more about it, as after a short while the noise stopped and Doug's message continued. The digital code popped up a few times throughout the transmission and after, I wondered what it was. I hadn't heard this in Doug's messages before. If it was data, maybe I could open it? As the messages are on loop and repeat a few times, I hooked up an mp3 recorder to the CB radio with a jack converter and recorded a loop of the message.

I scoured the internet for some free software and found an audio-visual converter that some M.I.T. student had uploaded to his site. I played the recording through the software and bingo. There it was. I couldn't believe my eyes. Despite hearing Doug's stories over the past few days, I definitely was still a bit dubious about how real all this was. Now in front of me, on my computer screen were images from other worlds, from another galaxy!

I've added the pictures where appropriate from the transmission.

[Message Continues]

Written in Vy'Keen and Korvax texts, embedded in ancient and abandoned shrines, across every star system I visit is the history of this galaxy. Euclid. It seems this galaxy was created! And I don't mean in a religious way, but I don't exactly understand what I do mean... It was created. And then the three sentient races were seeded in it. First the Gek and then the Vy'Keen and Korvax. Then came the sentinals. It was they that brought about a great cataclysm, destroying most of the civilizations that had been built up over millennia in the outer rim and leaving on the remnants of the the three races that now live out here. 

The Vy'Keen hate the sentinals with all their warrior passion and want to wipe them out. The Korvax see them as an abomination. The Gek... Well the Gek don't mention them. When I first met the Gek, they came across as a peaceful and gentle race who want little more than to earn a wage. A big wage. They are a race of traders and only seem interested in money. But that is not at all what their history says. Their shrines have told me the secrets of their past. That they were the first race. A warlike race that wants nothing more than to conquer the galaxy and wipe out every other race.

Have they changed their ways? Wealth can certainly change opinions pretty fast. Or has their wealth merely enabled their sordid plans? Instead of trying to wage a war against the Vy'Keen who would easily best them in combat, have they used their wealth to buy the domination they so seek? The Gek... Could they be responsible for the sentinals? The more wealth they accrue, the more technology they can buy, the more of a hold they have on the galaxy...

I'm not sure about any of this, but I am sure that these are not the ravings of a lonesome mad man. Because I am not alone. Nada and Polo. I've met them many more times. I don't know if their following me or what, but every now and then, they turn up at a system as I warp in. Polo is a Gek but seems at odds with the way they behave, chastising them for their greed. Nada is also an outcast, having broken free from the Korvax collective mind. His reasons are more radical. I guess it would take an intellect far greater than my own to form such a hypothesis in the first place. But when he told me, I wondered how I could have been so blind. Wandering the galaxy... A galaxy of a hundred billion stars... And only three sentient races. Similar plants and rocks on each planet. I assumed that all plants and rocks looked the same but Nada insists that the diversity of the galaxy should be infinite and wondrous. He's shown me the maths to prove it. Complex algorithms, but algorithms nonetheless. Everything... Everything in this galaxy has been coded into existence.

The revelation has been eating at me for days now. Paranoia has crept in and out of the corner of my eyes I swear I see voxel like patterns in the landscape. In the distance. Rendering in before I arrive so as not to break the illusion. I share Nada's curiosity and need to understand. Nada does not wholly approve of my other companion, but understands that we all want the same thing.

My other companion. The Atlas. it's been with me since the start although I did not know it at the time. The red orb I was carrying in my ship when I crashed back on Elysium. It has watched over me since then. I've now visited many Atlas stations scattered about the outer rim. Each time I visit the Atlas entity appears to me in a different form. The red orb, a black hole, a robotic eye, a white light containing the specifications for the three major races of the galaxy. I can't explain how the Atlas communicates with me. It doesn't speak. There is no physical attachment. It seems to simply suggest ideas, concepts  and emotions in my head... And I understand. I understand that it wants me to expose the truth that has been hidden for so long. I understand the sentinels are a blight and do not belong. 

I don't understand why the Atlas has chosen me or why none of the other races can hear it's call. They must know it exists. It's presence is everywhere. There are entire wings that are locked to all but carriers of Atlas passes. Locked doors in every building on every planet that no one can access but me... It sounds all so self aggrandizing, but I did not choose this... Yes... Yes I did. I chose this path. I chose curiosity. I could have wandered the galaxy forever marveling at the wonders I saw. But I wanted more. I went in search of my forgotten self but have found a new self. I am what the Atlas wants me to be. This must be what region feels like. What belief feels like. But the Atlas isn't a god, it's a real, solid thing. 

In the back of my mind there is a constant nagging that I'm being led astray, or manipulated. But I don't feel that I am. I want answers as much as Nada and Polo, as much as the Atlas. Between us we will uncover the truth and expose it to the rest of the galaxy. This is my purpose, this is who I am.

[End Of Message]

My heart was racing after seeing the images. They make all this all the more real. I don't know how to deal with it. Are they really coming from another galaxy? An artificial galaxy? If so, this must have happened millions of years ago. I just don't understand what's going on. I was happy to play along to someone's silly prank before, but you can't produce images like that of someone's made up story. Where ever Doug is, he's real and I might be the only person who is hearing his story.


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